Game Introduction

KENO is played with 20 balls drawn randomly from 80 balls with ranging 01 to 80. The combinations of these 20 numbered balls will have different kinds of bet type and each will have payout or rates respectively.

The official result is fair and according to each market. The management reserves the rights to cancel and void the affected draw if official draw result cannot be obtained for an extended period of time or official draw result is published before the system is closed for betting.

Bet Types

  • Big,Small,Actual/Exact Score
  • Odd, Even
  • Odd, Even, Tie
  • Up, Down, Tie
  • Five Ranges (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire & Earth)
  • Pearl Ball
  • Big/Small & Odd/Even Parlay

Noted: Parlay refers to bets in a combination of minimum two selections placed as one wager. If all selections should win, then the Parlay wins and will be paid at the odds as stated. If one or more selections fail to win, then the Parlay loses. Parlay bets cannot be wagered on and Five Ranges bets. Parlay bets are deemed void should a game result draw is cancelled due to any form of suspension, termination or cancellation.



Game Introduction

iLotto game is a lottery game based on the official lottery sites in China [Shanghai, Jiangxi, China Social Welfare Lottery 3D, Chong Qing, Tianjin and Xin Jiang].
iLotto’s draw result comprises 5 numbers in the (exact order) (From Right (1st digit) to Left (5th digit) where you select a number of 0 to 9 for each digit (5th digit, 4th digit, 3rd digit, 2nd digit, 1st digit).  iLotto’s result is updated based on the official lottery sites on each market respectively.

Bet Types

  • Lotto Ball
  • Group 2
  • Group 3x3
  • Group 3x6
  • Sum

Market, Result and Payout

Market Details
Shanghai Official open time (GMT+8): 10:30 – 21:30 every day ,
30 mins per draw1st draw 10:00 , Last draw: 22:00 , Total 23 draws
Chong Qing Official open time (GMT+8): 10:00 – 21:50 every day , 10 mins per draw Night time: 22:00 – 02:00, 5 mins per draw. Total of 120 draws.
Jiang Xi  Official open time (GMT+8): 09:00 – 23:10 every day, 10 mins per draw. Total 84 draws.
China Social Welfare Lottery 3D Official open Time (GMT+8): only draw on 21:00 every day
Tianjin Official open time (GMT+8): 09:00 - 23:00 every day, 10 mins per draw. Total of  84 draws.
Xinjiang Official open time (GMT+8): 12:00 - 02:00 [next day] every day, 10 mins per draw. Total of 84 draws

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